Group & Individual Dog Training

Dog Training Group Class

Group Classes

Obedience, Puppy or Life Skills classes.

Private Dog Training Part 1

Private Training

Custom training plan for your pup.

Board and Training Part 2

Board & Train

Custom three week plan and work.

Puppy Foundation

$150 | For puppies 16 weeks to 6 months | 5 weeks
This foundation puppy course builds confidence and optimism for your puppy. It also introduces the concepts and skills that your puppy needs to develop into a wonderful companion and well mannered member of society.

Life Skill Obedience Stage 1

$150 | For all stages | 5 weeks
This course is a great introduction to obedience and concepts for you and your dog. Your dog will learn the skills he or she needs in a fun games based way. This course also gives you the introduction skills to become your dog’s best handler.

Life Skill Obedience Stage 2

$150 | All stages must complete Stage 1 | 5 weeks
The next step in your dog becoming an amazing companion and excellent member of society. This course expands on stage one by teaching you and your dog to handle real life situations as well as reinforce the concepts needed to be a great team.

Life Skill Obedience Stage 3

$150 | All stages must complete Stage 1 & 2 | 5 weeks
An advanced class to help shape your dog into the best they can be. This class expands on stage one and two by ramping up distractions and difficulty. The goal is for you and your dog to become the best partners possible.

Life Skill Dog Obedience Training Stage 1

Private Training

$500 for 5 weeks at Red Hydrant or $650 for 5 weeks In home
Private one on one, behavior training that allows us to create a custom plan for your dog specific needs. Call for a complimentary consultation.

Board and Train

$2300 | 3 weeks
Following a complimentary consultation, we will put together a custom plan and work with your dog intensely for 3 weeks while they stay with us. Your dog will also have the opportunity to participate in daily daycare when appropriate.

Board Dog Training Part 1