We offer our Daycare guests two separate indoor play areas, as well as supervised outdoor play access. Dogs are selected to daycare areas based on their size, temperament and play style to guarantee the best experience possible. All of our Daycare areas come equipped with custom dog-friendly playground equipment, epoxy floors, and a trained staff supervising at all times.
Why Choose Daycare? 
Daycare is the best alternative to leaving your dog home alone. Dogs that are left at home lack the exercise and socialization that they need to be happy, healthy pets! Dogs may also suffer from separation anxiety or engage in undesirable behaviors such as excessive chewing or barking out of boredom. 
Daycare provides your dogs with a safe, fun, and engaging atmosphere where they can spend the day running, playing and socializing with other dogs. Let your dog be a dog, and join us at The Red Hydrant.  
If you wish to remain close to your pet during its stay, you will be able to view our online web cams.
Daycare Amenities 
  • Three large, separate play areas with indoor and outdoor access. 
  • Play groups are based on pet guests size, temperament and play style. 
  • Staff in each play area at all times. 
  • Epoxy sealed floors. 
  • Custom playground equipment specifically made for dogs. 
  • Coming soon! Web cams installed in all of our Daycare areas.
  • Ample amounts of fresh drinking water in each play area. 
  • Enhance your pets Daycare time with our customizable experiences. 

What to expect after your first day in daycare? 
After a day in daycare, especially after your first day your dog may be extremely tired and thirsty. This is not uncommon especially on their first day. The Red Hydrant provides water during daycare at all times, however, some dogs don’t take the time to drink enough water on their first day because they are having so much fun, or they may be the complete opposite and drink more water than they usually do and then urinate more frequently when they go home that evening. They also may not rest their first day during daycare because they are having so much fun, they may not be used to having so many friends in one location at one time and just try to make the most of it. Eventually the more often they come they will take more rests and drink more during their day. It will really depend on how often they participate in Daycare. 
Hours & Rates 
Daycare is offered every day from 7 am to 7 pm, including weekends. The Red Hydrant strongly encourages scheduling daycare in advance to ensure your spot in group. All drop-offs and pick-ups needs to be prearranged. If you are unsure of the days you wish to drop off for daycare that is more than ok! Please just give our front desk call to arrange your arrival.  
When participating in daycare, we recommend the dogs to be in the facility no later than 11:30am. We find when new dogs enter the day play area later in the day it can be harder for the new dog to assimilate to the current group dynamics because most of the dogs have been together and playing since 7am. Also later in the day, our dogs are usually tired and having a new dog enter the group full of energy can be more challenging for the Pet Pals and overwhelming for the new dog. 
Last Pickup is 7:00 P.M. If guests are not picked up by 7:00 P.M. standard boarding rates will apply based on a suite necessary to safely accommodate your pets.  
Full Day Daycare: $18 per day, more than 5 hours 
Half Day Daycare: $12 per dog, 5 hours or less 
Add Ons: One-on-one time, walks, treats, baths, grooming, etc. 
Daycare Reservations 
Reservations are required for daycare participation. We will accept call-ins/walk-ins if space is available, however, we determine our staffing needs based on the number of dogs reserved by 5pm the night before. Therefore, if we have met our quota for the day we may turn call-ins/walk-ins away. You can schedule daycare in person, via the phone or by accessing your client account online. Daycare cancellations must be received by 5pm the night before. Consistent no-shows will lose daycare privileges.  
Daycare for your pet(s) may be scheduled by contacting our front desk at 605.665.7297 or by clicking the following reservation button.
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