About Us

The below information is designed to provide you with a better understanding of our mission, and to provide specific information regarding The Red Hydrant policies and procedure. 
Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 
Play Areas & Playtime:  
If it’s your fur baby’s first time with us, you can expect an doggy interview. Each dog will work one on one with a staff for us to complete an initial interview to observe several things: 1. How your dog will react to us 2. If your dog will allow us to touch them from head to toe, looking for any areas they prefer not to be pet 3. We are looking for bumps, bruises and boo boo’s so we can identify and log them into our files as existing conditions your dog came in with.  All these details are noted in our computer system for the interview. Once the interview process is complete we will introduce your dog in with the other dogs. 
Depending on your dog and the dynamics of the dogs in daycare that day, we will determine the method/process we use to introduce your dog into the play area. Sometimes we will place your dog in a small area and allow one or two dogs to enter, wait for your dog to get comfortable and then proceed into the play area with all the dogs. Other times we may bring your dog right into the main play area. Each day is different and each dog is different, therefore, each introduction is different. For our new small/tiny dogs we may want them to spend extra time with the pet pals before we introduce into the daycare area. Each dog is different and unique and therefore each introduction and approach is as well.
The Red Hydrant has a strict vaccination policy. There are no exceptions to this rule. We will do our best to help remind you when your dog(s) vaccinations are up for renewal, however, ultimately it is the parents responsibility to make sure The Red Hydrant has the most up to date vaccination records on file. We require hard copy proof on Veterinarian letterhead.  We do not accept breeder or self-administered vaccinations and we do not accept titers. We also do not accept Veterinarian letters waiving dogs of any of the vaccinations. We understand there may be health or age related reasons why your dog is not vaccinated for certain vaccines; unfortunately we require all vaccinations at all times. 
Please note that if you drop your dog off for daycare and we realize after the fact that the vaccinations are not up to date you will be required to pick them up immediately. If you are unable to pick them up immediately we will be forced to quarantine your dog from the others and you will be required to pay a quarantine fee. Again it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure The Red Hydrant has updated vaccinations at all times. The Red Hydrant uses the dates listed on the veterinarian paperwork as the expiration dates for vaccinations. There is no grace period for vaccination expirations; they must be updated prior to the date listed on the veterinarian paperwork. The health and safety of all the animals in our care is first and foremost our priority and we appreciate your understanding of all our policies. 

Kennel Cough 
The Bordetella Vaccine is required to help prevent Kennel Cough. The Red Hydrant recommends obtaining the Bordetella Vaccine every 6 months if you plan on actively participating in daycare and/or boarding, however, we require Bordetella at a minimum annually.  
It is important to realize  that receiving the Bordetella Vaccine for Kennel Cough is just like getting the Flu shot, just because you receive the flu shot doesn’t mean you won’t get a different strain of the Flu. This holds true for Kennel Cough as well. The Red Hydrant requires the vaccine and we follow strict sanitation protocols daily and yet it is still possible for your dog to catch Kennel Cough from any where, even walking your dog outside. 
The Red Hydrant will post at the entrance anytime we are informed by a client that their has tested positive for Kennel Cough.  There are certain times of the year that this type of industry will see a high number of cases as is true with cold/flu season for people. It is important to The Red Hydrant to keep our clients informed, therefore, just like a child daycare that posts a notice for strep throat, we do the same for kennel cough. In addition if we have 5 clients that have tested positive we will send an email blast to all our clients and inform the local veterinarians that we are seeing an influx of symptoms. We do this to provide you with information so you are able to make an informed decision on whether you want your dog to participate in daycare during that time. We also make these announcements because we know although we require the vaccine it is still possible to contract Kennel Cough and we want you to understand the risk. 

At The Red Hydrant the happiness, health and safety of all the dogs in our care is first and foremost our priority. There are many aspects that we monitor to make sure our facility is a safe environment for your dogs and our employees. One way that you can help with this is to ensure your dog complies with our policies. Some of these are as follows: 

Nails: Please keep your dog’s nails short and rounded. Sharp nails can injure other dogs and also our Pet Pals. Long nails can also be very uncomfortable and painful for your dog. The Red Hydrant can cut your dog’s nails. Our process is to clip and dremel the nails to ensure a smooth rounded edge. Please check with the front desk for the fees associated with nail trims.  If your dog comes to daycare with long sharp nails we will request permission to cut your dog’s nails, if you refuse and we deem the nails potentially dangerous, we reserve the right to refuse services until you have them trimmed elsewhere. 
Ear Mites: If your dog shows signs of ear mites we will freeze your daycare/boarding privileges until we receive an “all clear” confirmation from your veterinarian. Please note that ear mites are extremely contagious to other dogs and people. 
Worms: At The Red Hydrant we inspect all urine, feces and vomit because it is an indicator of a dogs health. We will inform you if we find anything suspicious that we feel you should know about (i.e. blood, kidney stones, toys, foreign matter, Victoria Secret Panties (Real Story)). If we find worms in your dog’s stool you will be required to pick your dog up immediately. 
It is important to understand that there is always a possibility of your dog getting injured while playing in daycare or boarding. Dogs play with their mouths and paws which mean teeth and nails, so there is a risk of injury ranging from mild scratches during play or more serious injuries. This is the same risk we take when we send our 2-legged child to the playground, but even more so because dogs particularly play using their mouths & paws. 

It is The Red Hydrant’s policy to notify you if your dog received an injury while at our facility. Certain injuries will warrant a written notice (just like a child daycare). We will call you with information on injuries we feel you should be notified in advance and with minor injuries we will provide you with a verbal notice upon pick-up. We try our best not to miss any boo boos that may occur while at The Red Hydrant. On rare occasions we will miss a boo boo, especially if it happened during play and the dogs didn’t give us any indication that they were hurt. In most cases the dogs are playing and tossing around and they don’t even realize they obtained a scratch. 
Please not use retractable leashes at The Red Hydrant at any time. We especially do not want our clients to use them in the reception area. Research shows that dogs and clients get tangled up in the retractable cords and have gotten injured. Please know that if you disregard this rule and a client, dog or employee is injured because of your use of a retractable lead you will be held liable for all injuries and medical expenses. Your entry into the facility constitutes your understanding and acknowledgement of this policy. 
Due to high risk of injuries to dogs, employees and clients, retractable leashes are not allowed on premises. 
Intact Dogs (Non-Neutered/Non-Spayed) 

The Red Hydrant does not allow any dogs to participate in open, socialized play if they are intact after 6 months of age. Intact dogs can still participate  The Red Hydrant’s services, but playtime will be limited to individualized play only due to the his/her safety and the safety of other dogs.